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Humanity is in an incredible evolutionary journey. This point in time is pivotal and potent. It requires us to ask the big questions. More importantly that we open up the dialogue, listen and deeply discuss what matters.

I love to engage the changemakers. The thinkers. The lovers. The guardians. How are we living in an echo chamber and what can we do about it? How can we align with truth in a more integrous way? Seeing more perspectives and opening up to a broader spectrum of seeing?

The Echo...  more
Meet Dr. Mercola - visionary, pioneer, and leader.
He is an American alternative medicine proponent & osteopathic physician and leads the worlds #1 natural health website.

I was exposed to Joseph Mercola by my father when I was 19 years old and suffering with significant health issues after a near death experience on a small island in Southern Thailand, after receiving a cocktail of vaccinations that led to a drastic decline in my health and almost cost me my life.

I was in the hospital a mo...  more
So awesome to see him involved. I'm blessed to be 5 minutes away from the Mercola Market in Cape Coral Florida and able to use his supplements daily!!!
Rebels to the end !!!

Taking a girl's day ... With the kids ... To refreash ourselves for an epic week of growing the ThrivEvolution solutions!

Best friends for life !!
grateful for this convid as it brought me my chosen family, my soul mates, my best friends .

gratitude !!
— with Jai
Meet KYLE KEMPER @kylejjkemper one of the creators of Miami Crypto Experience @miamicryptoexp21
& writer of CANADAO: How we Return Power to the People. 🇨🇦

Kyle is a #Canadian. He is a #father. He is a #technologist ,a #Bitcoin evangelist, a #futurist & an #activator
He wrote a book in 2017 called “The Unified Wallet: Unlocking the Digital Golden Age” where he explored how cryptocurrency can empower civilization through self-custody solutions that puts the us...  more
Our Weekly calls are so exciting every week. Meet out ThrivEvolution Academy Titan, Jana Betlach and what is coming with our Education sector — with Alessio Cenizzi and 5 others.
So , when you post #truth, you might piss someone off !! like my best friend and founder of this #Thrivevolution Jai, they have frozen her account over on fakebook... SHOCKER !! LOL
That is EXACTLY why we made our own social media platform Link below in the comments
because we are #UNSTOPPABLE !!
Meet DR. ANDREW KAUFMAN ❤️@andrewkaufmanmd
We spoke on the #Health & #Wellness Stage at #Anarchapulco in #Acapulco #Mexico
He is a fellow #thrivevolutionary #freedomlover #ally & #friend

We look forward to having you on our @ThrivEvolution #podcast and as a speaker at our #ThrivEvolutionSummit

Join us on our #freespeech & #censorshipfreesocialmedia @ where we focus on #solutions by #sector & #tribe
#thrivetribes #solutionaries

#Rise #Thrive #Unite 💪⭐️
Did you know we have a REMARKABLE artist that is designing the an NFT collection for our ThrivEvolution ?

Izabela Ciesinska is our girl and we are so excited for the upcoming CHEEKY MONKEY NFTs that are sooooooooo amazing !!

Oh and to toot her horn just a little more . Today she sold one of her other NFTs for 1 ETH !!!

The reason we chose her to design our art is because she sees the big picture if the ThrivEvolution and also because her art spoke to us. In a deep spiritual connection way ...  more
— with Alessio Cenizzi and 4 others.
Oh my goodness, what a beautiful post, Karita! Thank you so much, my fren! I hope that Cheeky Monkeys will make the community proud 😊
I have watched it,, you can skip over his story if you like, It feels for me super IMPORTANT for the powers that be to watch and learn. Im totally open for discussion, perhaps for the #Synergyteam #meaningculture #attractyourteam — with Jai and 2 others.
Sometimes we are in a moment of emotion , and we cannot focus on the next step towards the end result , that is when we need to reach out for help .

There is no shame in asking for #help, to be heard , to be seen , we all have moments of pain that need to be healed.

So make sure this season you reach out to the ones you think are the strongest , because they too have struggles, give compassion and love to the ones that don't ask, because they might be breaking inside , and NEVER judge a book...  more
— with Alessio Cenizzi and 17 others.