About Us

Jai Lund | Founder  | CEO

Chief Executive Official

Jai is the Visionary Founder of ThrivEvolution, ThriveTribe TV. Co-Creator of the ThrivEvolution Summit  and the ThrivEvolution Blockchain for ChangeMakers. She is a best selling author of ‘Collaboration’, Visionaries Share a New Way of Living. Jai is a former Professional Athlete, a mother of 3 and a born entrepreneur. Her background of building large businesses and her passion for being a changemaker, empowered her to release the vision that had been growing inside of her heart for years.  ThrivEvolution taps the Disruptive Technology of Blockchain and Decentralization to build tribes of changemakers using the 13 sectors of human endeavor to scale radical transformation. 

With a focus on Sovereignty & Freedom, Thrivers Unite as we shift resources into the hands of the ChangeMakers.  It’s time to Rise, Thrive and Unite.

Alessio Cenizzi  | Visionary | CDO

Chief Development Official

Alessio Cenizzi, is from Italy who , as an avid traveler,  has had the opportunity to study lifestyles and cultures on a human and business level. Alessio is a Servant leader that inspires many to reach higher levels, which is compassion and determination  . Alessio is the developer and co creator of ThrivEvolution blockchain, Shillit.app, Unity blockchain, and more . He is a full stack developer since 2004, recently specialized on solidity and web3 js applications. He has been a future crypto trader since 2012. Expert. Solidity, React and Web3 Developer since Ethereum was born. His motto is: “ I enjoy celebrating other people’s successes and the beauty that surrounds them, and I love to offer a hand when needed”.

Karita McLaughlin  | Visionary | COO

Chief Operations Official

Karita is the ‘Just Do It’ kind of woman that loves to find solutions and get things done. With multiple businesses she has built, ran and helped expand, her talents for building leaders and empowering others to take action, have been essential with her development as a servant leader. Her entrepreneurial background and passionate heart are key to the ThrivEvolution vision and team. Karita's favorite saying is being  “professionally unprofessional’ because she believes that humor and positive energy is the only way to touch as many people’s hearts as possible , which has been a part of her childhood vision of helping as many people in her lifetime as possible . The ThrivEvolution touched her soul, and she knew that it was the tribe of changemakers she was looking for .