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Hi! I am Mark Smith – independent artist, technology enthusiast, law and civics auditor, interactive designer, video producer and editor.

I have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to initiate the development of a blockchain application to correct the civic functions of voting and taxation by implementing SOVEREIGN-STATE-COUNTS (location-based blockchain wallets).

Like many, I am frustrated with the current state of the world's affairs and notice how elected officials do not represent my interests. I see the current system as broken, with mismanaged tax contributions and defective elections, the root cause being the continuance of funding this broken administrative architecture.

This is why I propose deferring the current consumption tax percentages at point-of-sale into citizen-controlled voluntary tax accounts. You, as a citizen, get to customize where and how your contribution to society is spent. The distribution of pooled tax contributions is completely public and transparent, while the contribution transactions and votes are optionally private.

SOVEREIGN-STATE-COUNTS are a public tally (ledger) of voluntary tax contributions and votes on proposals in your geographic area. By contributing to this campaign you concur that civic voting and taxation processes are due for an upgrade. Your contribution is helping achieve the development of a new parallel system built by the 'people for the people' operating communities on a micro-level, and countries on a macro-level.

Visit the crowdfunding video:

or visit the [PROJECT]VERRIDE website at: 

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