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Hello and welcome! Here is a space to bring people together to share their EMF concerns, somewhere people can ask for advice and become empowered by making their lives healthier and their homes safer spaces to be, free from damaging EMFs.
It’s often advised (apart from these last two years) to eat a healthy diet, take supplements and get plenty of fresh air and exercise. However, if you’re constantly being exposed to human-made EMFs then regardless of other measures taken, your body is always going to be fighting to stay in balance, whether or not you’re experiencing any symptoms of dis-ease. As we haven’t evolved with them, when we are exposed to these human-made frequencies our bodies interpret them as stress signals, a threat. When your body senses a threat it calls up its own special forces designed to fight and protect you, which over time drains you and leaves you open to chronic conditions. Frequencies from Wi-Fi, mobile phones, smart meters etc are also interpreted by our bodies as light. Our pineal gland is light sensitive, so when we’re exposed to artificial lighting and EMFs it inhibits the pineal gland from producing melatonin which is a very powerful antioxidant (5 times as powerful as vitamin C) and contributes to sleep quality. As our bodies are designed to rest and recover at night, it’s crucial that our home environment is conducive to healthy sleep.

Thankfully there are many things we can do to remove, or greatly reduce, our exposure to EMFs. For example, hardwiring your internet and wireless devices, not sleeping with your mobile in your bedroom and keeping it on airplane mode, whenever possible, will all make a huge difference. My hope is this group will be a source of information to further your understanding of EMFs, empowering you with knowledge to be able to take your health in your own hands.

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"Science" is so much more advanced than we are led to believe. On the popular level, This is dismissed as science fiction but by the military and the elite, it is hidden. This is about the ground breaking work of Dr. Peter Gariaev (1942 - 2020) Nobel Prize candidate – The Wave Genome – – I seriously suggest that this is well worth, 1 hour and 45min of your time. It is in the English language. It is very demanding on your concentration. I suggest that you first just listen and let the highly tec...  more
Highly recommend watching this video made about how the WHO is dismissing the fact that wireless technology is damaging to health, flora and fauna and the environment itself.
For anyone thinking of having a child, or anyone who knows anyone thinking of starting a family, here's an important site full of evidence and information on the negative impact of EMFs. Babies and children are so vulnerable to wireless radiation and other EMFs and need to be protected.

I have tested baby monitors with my meters and the results were horrifying. To think how many babies have a monitor so close to their bed all through the night, every night, for months even years on end is upse...  more
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