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Welcome to the Kangen Water® Tribe 💦
This a global community of health-conscious families who have awakened to the importance of Electrolyzed Reduced Water as a foundational piece of holistic health. 
We're here to debunk the myths and misinformation, share our own experiences & hardcore science, to help you understand the true magic & power of this Electrolized Reduced Water (ERW) aka Kangen Water®
We will occasionally share the conscious business opportunity that is available to every owner of an Enagic water ioniser 

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Kangen Water® is the trademarked name for the electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) produced by Enagic water ionizers.

Enagic is a nearly 50 year old company who's water ionizers are certified Japanese medical devices and recognized for their ability to support the human body to optimize health & healing.

NOTE: Kangen Water® and Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) are used interchangeably inside this group. However, if you are searching Google Scholar or PubMed, be sure to...  more