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We are always growing and expanding, and while we are waiting for our ThrivEvolution Dating app ( it is coming ) 
We have decided to start a group for dating, as we are out of box thinkers , why should we look for our partners in the box?
Lets keep it fun and family friendly 

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You might get drawn in by the twinkle in my dark chocolate eyes,
Or maybe by my delicate electrifying touch,
Or maybe my zest for life,
Or by my pomegranate lips.

When I asked my friends to describe me, they said I am passionate,
gentle and adventurous.
I like to play and tease, and somehow I have a gift to make men feel more masculine, and women more feminine. It could be because I myself, as I have heard, have a luscious feminine essence...
I could be compared to a delicious and passi...  more
Ok So I started this group on a whim, another Member mentioned a dating app, so I thought while we are waiting for the app we can mingle

This is a ThrivEvolution group and will get better as we grow, so if you are single, lets mingle

Yea I rolled over for a cuddle and forgot I was single, I fell off the fecking bed 🤣
Wow! Yes pls! I am now actively dating and looking forward to meeting a man with Thrive values. 🙌🏽❤️