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I had this group on Flakebook shortly after Convid started in hopes that I could share research, ideas, etc with a small group of friends. It's grown to 1,600+ members which is not bad for 0 promo. 

However, the one thing that pisses me off about the group, even after repeated announcements are people sharing memes with 0 thought or effort. We get enough "copy and paste" from the Lame St. Media. 

Soooooooo, I'm going to try it here in with the intention of getting the Tribes collective mind in gear to kick my FB groups ass. 

Time to lead by example. 

All critical thinkers are welcome and MEMES WILL BE DELETED. I want you to share your research and get the Tribe to think and come up with ideas. 

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If we are to gain freedom from all appearances, illusions or merely humanly constructed models of Reality, we need to look through the eyes of the Goddess Alethyia who is the embodiment of Uncoveredness (Truth). DO i need to know, totally and completely, who or what I am (subjective truth) before I can know truth objectively? What is Being without a mental model or conceptual construct of “Being”?
The old laws and regulations of the corrupt governments of the world are no longer applicable to real human beings of truth and spiritual righteousness. Increasingly so-called "laws" are made against God, against what is true and right. And laws that were made for other times no longer work for the present time — they have lost their validity. This does not mean take the law into your own hands. It means you must quietly do what you know is true and right and trust God to protect your life and y...  more
"Science" is so much more advanced than we are led to believe. On the popular level, This is dismissed as science fiction but by the military and the elite, it is hidden. This is about the groundbreaking work of Dr. Peter Gariaev (1942 - 2020) Nobel Prize candidate – The Wave Genome – – I seriously suggest that this is well worth, 1 hour and 45min of your time. It is in the English language. It is very demanding on your concentration. I suggest that you first just listen and let the highly tech...  more
My endless question is…. How do we start influencing change when our society takes so much pride in killing itself? How do we get people eating healthier when pop is cheaper then water and businesses arent willing or able to make the price switch? And how do we address these problems when so many refuse to have a discussion?
I'll start. I posted this on FB a few months ago and it got many people thinking.
Question of the day..

Which came first the jab or the virus?

With the knowledge of modeRNA's march 28th, 2019 little sleight of hand which Dr. Martin has mentioned on more than 1 occasion, is it possible that, IF, and I mean IF, this alleged still yet-to-be-isolated or purified virus which has yet to garner any proof thanks to numerous FOIA requests and actual experts coming forward (especially Dr. David Martin)...  more