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I am a body and soul, and possess rights instilled by the Creator at birth. I am not a corporation or fiction or required to learn, speak, understand or obey legalese, the foreign language used in inferior courts.
Common Law is the will of mankind issuing from the life of the people not legislation. This group is from an American common law point of view and is NOT legal advice or lawful advice nor is it intended to be. It is simply information, opinion and belief, none of which are proof until enough people (not persons or legal entities) agree.
This is not a radical, outlaw, conspiracy theory or protest group. The group's purpose is to learn, express and uphold common law beliefs, not to compete with other groups or add as many members as possible nor promote statutes, codes and acts as they are not law.
I may be a sovereign,  but to say I am a man is not to say I am a sovereign citizen, pro se, pro persona, sui juris, none of that. All I know is I am a man born of a woman on the land and soil. 
I have rights long antecedent to the state/State/STATE which cannot be taken by legislation or a vote. I do not yield my rights. The people do not yield sovereignty to the public service corporations or agents that serve the people.
To refer errors to their source is to refute [rebut] them. An unrebutted declaration or affidavit (sworn written document that a man is willing to attest to orally if need be), stands as law in court by silent acquiescence of the other party until facts (by themselves holding no evidence) submitted, stipulated, or otherwise put in the record by an impartial witness (someone not being involved in the proceedings), given as evidence (compelling political and civil status presented during a trial designed to prove the facts) of a fully disclosed contract, of willing and knowing, intelligent consent.