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To expose all of the possible adverse reactions and deaths caused by the current convid jabs. I don't care about anything else when it comes to this group. I had a FB group with 4600 members on it which was yanked due to a certain post I shared regarding my partners cousin who was jabbed post-op against his will. Hopefully, this won't be the case here. 

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We Never Isolated the Virus
Head Doctor at the Chinese CDC admits there is no virus.
Keep your eyes on the ball, do not get too distracted......
Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England
Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10...
What we've always said, jabbed are no longer human.....
Dr Jane Ruby - Study Shows Jab Alters DNA! (2-28-2022)
Perverting God’s Creation: Study Shows Jab Alters God-Given DNA! Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to talk about why vaccines are bad and they...
Thought this might be a site of interest for this group....
From Dec 12, 2021.. No more vamp novels for her..
"BELOVED writer Anne Rice has passed away after suffering complications resulting from a stroke."

Of course there is no mention in the article of the fact that she had been jabbed..
Um.. The result of the heart attacks were from a combo of those who jabbed and are still wearing their ritualistic shame muzzles. Odd how they keep this out of the story.. We've had crazy snow during past winters pre-convid jab without any major spikes in heart attacks. Nice try CTV news but once again, you fail..
Ottawa blizzard: Recent snowstorm led to uptick in heart attacks overnight | CTV News
The University of Ottawa Heart Institute saw an uptick in heart attack patients Monday night directly related to shovelling snow, a local...