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This group was created for friends to come in, grab a cup of coffee and have some clean talk with friends. Anyone found abusing this, will be ask to leave. This group will remain DRAMA FREE. ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING OR PROMOTING SALES! NO PROFANITY PLEASE!


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1. There are no Events to be made in this group without approval.
2. There is no politics to be discuss in this group.
3. There is no Advertising allowed in this group.
4. Please respect each other. Do not message members or harrass members.
5. This group has been made for coffee lovers we ask you follow polices and respect the group.
Thank you☕❤☕
I wanted to do a fun animation that centers around our constant need for coffee. Script: Wake up, drink coffee. Start working, drink coffee. More work, more coffee. Home. Crash. Repeat.
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee?
What is Cold Brew Coffee? ☕ Cold Brew Coffee is a smooth, cold beverage prepared by brewing freshly ground coffee in cold water. In the Cold Brew process, time makes up for heat. Todd Simpson,...