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Dive into getting to know and remember Your own Nature, Nature in you and your profound connection to all that is Nature so that you can finally learn to work with, work in & through Nature, harmonizing with her to fulfill our Human needs. Food, Shelter, Medicine, Energy and all other resources that come directly from Nature, but Nature also contains within all medicines for all the harm that humans have done to her, like Pollution, desertification, loss of habitat.
Come join us in being the change that we want to see in the world by creatively co-creating with our Mother Nature.
Respect existance or expect resistance.

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Cruz's Mom,
Steward of Life
& The Land
Commercial & Residential Architectural Interior Designer
Strategic & Master Planner
Project & Construction Manager
Somatic Practitioner
Owner, Founder
Cross Bull Ranch
Community Supported Permaculture
& Preparedness Retreat
& Time Bank
International Healing Center
Cottage Food Operation (CFO)
Non-GMO Organic Bulk Dry Goods Buying Co-Op
Camping, Weddings, Events & Filming
Topanga Canyon

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