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What it says on the tin. 
Hunting, growing, animal husbandry.
Preserving, surviving and living off grid... 
Generally thinking outside their box and  their crap ❤️

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The Prepared Homestead - YouTube
Follow us along for tips, real word reviews, how to do things with little to no money and just seeing our crazy life with a bunch of kids. Some of...
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Hi guys. Just formed this as I thought we could share practical stuff rather than just hope.... Not that hopes not good too mind!
I for one am not ready to kiss my arse goodbye and I'm prepping like mad, learning every skill I can and sharpening my machete... Twice xxx
Lisa Cianci
Steward of Life
& The Land
Somatic Practitioner
Owner, Founder
Cross Bull Ranch
Community Supported Permaculture
& Preparedness Retreat
& Time Bank
International Healing Center
Cottage Food Operation (CFO)
Non-GMO Organic Bulk Dry Goods Buying Co-Op
Camping, Weddings, Events & Filming
Topanga Canyon

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