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Hello and welcome to Balance for Life - TBP
My name is Fran and I am a Practitioner and Trainer in The Balance Procedure (TBP). 
TBP is a quick, simple to use, easy to learn relaxation technique that connects the mind and heart for the ultimate in magnetic quantum empowerment.
"Life is a process of learning and evolving, we are creating every minute of every day" - Fran
This group is open to all with an interest in TBP.   

Recent Activities

It has been a busy, productive morning, I attended TBP Trainers CPD training, which was lovely and fun getting together Jenny Cox and with fellow trainers to update our skills, knowledge & learn about new developments in TBP.
Which ties in perfectly with the energy of todays number being a 1 ❤️⚖💙
" excellent time to start a new projects or have a new approach to an existing one". (Excerpt from TBP Guide book, author Jenny Cox).
Sending everyone balanced hugs ❤️⚖💙
One aspect of TBP is using numerology, by adding the numbers of todays date:
10/12/2021 - 1+0+1+2+2+0+2+1= 9
So the numerology of today is 9 - using card 9 'The Art of Infinite Unity'
We can use the energy of the 9 to create consciously and with deliberate intention.
The symbol of the 9 is a Spiral, "Creating our reality follows the spiral pattern from our thoughts, which are energy, to matter". (Excerpt from TBP Guide book, author Jenny Cox)