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I have watched it,, you can skip over his story if you like, It feels for me super IMPORTANT for the powers that be to watch and learn. Im totally open for discussion, perhaps for the #Synergyteam #meaningculture #attractyourteam — with Jai and 2 others.
We now have the description for our Social media Director.
PDF Here: You can find the above PDF in the Project Manager here:

You can find this PDF in the Project Manager here: You can find the above PDF in the Project Manager here:
Social Media Director @ ThrivEvolution - Google Docs
THE THRIVEVOLUTION FUTURE SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR Honoring the common vision - the DAO of consciousness Social Media Director / Titan We invite...
We would like to feature a Tribe every week on our calls. Who feels they have activated their tribe and have the presence and content within their container to be the first tribe that we focus on?
Have seen the call in the messenger/telegram thread as well I believe we can present 💝 the day after Valentine’s and Pump through some content before then
It’s OFFICIAL TITANS!! We will now be using the TITANS INNER CIRCLE for our chatting. Consider it ACTIVATED!! 🤩⭐️🥳💪👌
Love being here. We are love. We are powerful. We are Titans! We are changing the world!!!!!
I don’t often feel compelled to share this type of content here. However in lieu of the trucker convoy here in Canada and our close relationship with Kyle Kemper, brother of our Prime Minister, I urge you all to watch this interview for discussion.
I watched the majority of this video, and was extremely impressed with Mr. Kemper’s spirit, his knowledge of the system, and understanding of the dark hole the system has taken his brother. 👍💪
Hello Titans! Are we active in here?
Please comment on the content and what tribe or sub tribe and sector you see it in
I'd say it spans multiple sectors: Health, Environment, Media, Economics, Science, Justice, Infrastructure, Spirituality, Education, & Governance (likely all sectors).

If it was up to me to select one sector to head up a project to work on 'correcting' it, it'd likely be Media. It all depends on who & how we go about it. At this point, we could put all of our resources into it, and not get make a dent.

The real question is, in what role can we be effective now? Given that there's little to...  more
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⭐️Pre-made copy for your posting pleasure:

You may want to do the same thing for your Tribes and share it to Telegram as well. If you are on IG why not there too! For those who have active Instagram you can post there and have it automatically shared to FB. If you don’t know how to do that, let us know.

All you need to do is replace CryptoTribe Hub link with your Tribe link.

Post it to FB page and ThriveHUB (group) + within the ThriveHub itself and voila🪄🦄
Magic begins to happen

#ThrivEv...  more
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Welcome TITANS!! RISE. THRIVE. UNITE!!! Who wants one of these???