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We are a group that supports whole health of our pets, holistically, which includes but is not limited to raw food diet, safe household products, natural supplements, massage, energy healing etc. We are believers in building natural immunity for healthy lives.  Bring your questions and support to help those still in the learning process. Breeders welcome, pet owners welcome, farm animal owners welcome. 
Please introduce yourself, your pets and where you are located if you wish. Give us a little information on who you are. Just helpful to see where people are at.
As with all health & wellness information, always consult your professional healthcare providers before beginning any new treatment or program.
The FDA does not regulate all supplements or natural products.  Therefore, any mention of supplements or natural products made on this website are not meant to indicate, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Here is a great Blog post on pets and cancer. Even if your pet doesn't have cancer it is a worthy read
Cancer Awareness Month – Dr. Judy Morgan's Naturally Healthy Pets
What is Cancer? Cancer is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body.  Cancer can start...
For those of you interested, here is Dr. Marty a veterinarian. He explains our redox. Just get in touch with me when you want to get on board with this amazing product.
Practicing good health is not a one-step or single-action process. There are many components of health, including spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health. The importance of practicing good health shows in every part of your life, from your relationships to your mental and physical condition.
📡HAVE YOU HEARD 📡about the foundational health product that positively impacts the cellular health of every system of the body as soon as you start using it? Side effects? None, other than getting ...  more
A recent peer-reviewed study shows flea & tick products🦟 using the potent pesticide, Isoxazoline cause a reaction in 2 OUT OF 3 DOGS!
A recent peer-reviewed paper found owners reported flea & tick products🦟 using the potent pesticide, Isoxazoline💦, cause a reaction in 2 OUT OF 3 DOGS!
Reactions include seizures, behavioural issues, muscular/balance issues, and even death.
The pesticide can be found in products like: NEXGARD, NEXGARD SPECTRA, BRAVECTO, SIMPARICA, CREDELIO, REVOLUTION PLUS,...  more
What impact could Redox Molecules have on our overall health and wellbeing?
There are thousands of people and pets who are already feeling the benefits of supplementing their bodies with Redox and each individual has their own personal experiences to share. Whilst we do not claim that Redox products are treatments or cures for any disease or medical condition, the Redox Signaling Molecules certified to exist in our products empower our bodies to heal themselves by increasing cellular efficiency...  more
Cellular health and proper cell signalling is vital not only in the health of us humans but all our pets too:

DID YOU KNOW that genes and DNA provide blueprint instructions for the functioning of every cell in our body?

DID YOU KNOW that the expression of our genes can be changed by environmental factors as well as our experiences?

Gene regulation, the process of turning genes on and off, is a normal and natural developmental process. However, certain factors can either harm or enhance posit...  more
I want to welcome all the new people here to the group!!!! I also want to ask you all what you would like to see here?
Here is an article you all might find interesting. In an area I used to live there were huge bins that trappers and whoever could dump any dead animals for processing. Any dead animal with the exception of Skunks. Pretty gross if you ask me, this went into pet food.
What questions does anyone have today?
Hi all,
Who all feeds a raw food diet?
My journey started 28 years ago, I got a Leonberger, Dusty, and he seemed to have every problem you could ask for, mucusy stool, itchy ears a hot red pads. Anyway, the traditional vet and I were stumped. I finally got onto raw food diet, took some experimenting as I tried many different things and it finally clicked, WOW what a difference, I will never go back. That was part of my natural health growth.
The saying goes, I wish I knew then what I know n...  more
I have been feeding raw for 28 years and with great results. I also have raised many litters naturally, helping them build natural immunity is vital for longevity!!! I am thrilled to share with others the success's of raising naturally. Even my farm animals were treated in such a way. I am passionate about natural health not only for myself but for our pets as I have seen the difference and I thank Stormy especially, he was really my teacher dog that made a huge difference.
Awwww his beautiful, I have mine on a mixture of raw and dry as they started turning there noses up to it , the portions recently got smaller and more expensive but I'm kn the look out for somewhere else