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Thrive Sanctuaries is a place that you can call home away from home.  It is a collective of sacred spaces around Mother Earth that vibrate the frequency of  Sovereignty, Healing, Regeneration and Community.   
These are de-centralised and Autonomous Communities where permaculture,  heart- to-heart- communication and  free energy are at their base.  
We protect Mother Earth through land sharing, building sanctuaries,  where we can Thrive in co-creation.

The Sanctuaries are open to all beings who feel that they want a safe space to re-connect with like minded souls and get ready for the re=construction of the planet.
The Sanctuaries are also a space where people can simply come and heal their energies so that they can be re=aligned and be ready for what is to come.

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This tuesday we will have a very special Podcast from the ThrivEvolution movement, with two beloved guests, Ita Gabert and Gabriel Loomans.

The theme is:

This TUESDAY, 04/26 at 2 PM BR / 10 AM PST / 5PM UTC
Link to the Zoom room:

Both were cofounders of communities in Brazil and Europe, and in this conversation we will talk a little about how the experience of building and living in community can inspire us to compose a new socia...  more
Over the years I have had the honour of meeting and participating in Medicine Ceremonies with different Native People from different communities/tribes of the world. I honour, how these ...
Turn right for the Thrive Sanctuaries.
I have made my home in Central Portugal as a sanctuary and retreat/meditation space for individuals and small groups of people genuinely interested in nondual embodied meditation and tantric practices. It is peaceful but not isolated at the end of a track going down to a river. Mostly just the sound of the river and birdsong. I worked as a psychotherapist for 35 years and can to some extent support and guide people who need that.
Here are our new beautiful logos. Thank you Omsira Barry for your for design and concept..

Last night, morning for Omsira, Larissa, Omsira and I connected to colourthe logos and mandala.
In fact, all other Thrive Luminary leaders were also connecting with Omsira and putting in their (our) colours.

It was a very intuitive and flowing process where we felt and saw the patterns of colours straight away. The radiating sun at the centre of the mandala has radiated in me for a while and I see tha...  more
Good morning from one One of our beautiful sanctuaries in Brazil, Ayrumã Eco-Village.
How special is to participate in a ceremony with the local Noke Koi Indigenous population in our Community, protected by the Great Elephant Hill.