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With a foundation of Food as Medicine, from unadulterated sources, we build health with shared experience. There is no disease, only deficiency and toxicity, so we nourish and cleanse. 
GAPS coach Emma invites you to bring your stories of ill health and recovery with or without mainstream help or hindrance.  Gut And Physiology Syndrome, aka Gut And Psychology Syndrome, is a nutritional protocol to rebuild a broken digestive system, recolonize a broken microbiome and allow the body to find a happy homeostasis, which is our birth right.  Sourcing food from outside the industrial food system empowers local growers who strengthen the web of life with their regenerative farming practices, giving us clean earth, clean water, clean air and good vibrational energy.
GAPS has helped many mum's and dad's with vaccine damaged children bring them out of the prison of autism and back to fully functioning. GAPS works to releive symptoms from all inflammatory disease including diabetes and heart disease.
One man's meat is another man's poison. Some are ready for a purely plant based life, some require the building blocks of the fat of the land to heal.  There is not one way of eating, so vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore are all valid as long as the food is found and made with reverence, respect and gratitude. 
Healing compounds like DMSO, MSM, Chlorine Dioxide Solution, whilst 'man made' have interesting and effective results, which should be shared.  Any danger lies in the dose. A pinch of salt is harmless, half a kilo of salt ingested could kill.  Let's share our wisdom, experience and knowledge.
Healing modalities like herbology, chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy, kiniesiology, reflexology, reiki, spiritual healing and energy healing have proved extraordinarily effective in certain cases, whilst being censored and defamed.  Let's share what we have learnt.
We have the new concept of nano technology being used, without our knowledge or permission.  Let's share ways of detoxing from the self assembling nano technology, that is part of the transhumanism agenda.  This may be too much information for some, but allow the seed to be sown and never fear.  As we grow to know our enemy, solutions to all problems will be revealed and we shall overcome. 

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what do we all think about the vegan thing? the plant based 'meat'
One benefit of my children being vaccine damaged in 2008 is that I got wise and used GAPS to detox and swore i would never vax again ☺️
I had a gut feeling that I couldn't do it to my kids and I got a lot of stick for it and they couldn't got to school in France because of not being vaccinated and now I am sooo glad I didn't👍
I literally cried when i found out about this and made it my mission to let the world know.. thank heavens for censorship free Thrive Tribe Hub
Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) - Natural treatment for autism, ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression and schizophrenia
Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS) is a condition which establishes a connection between the functions of the digestive system and...
this is an excellent recipe
What happens as a new mama, if your milk does not flow? It's ok, we can make our own formula. We don't need the industrial powdered stuff, full of glucose syrup and vegetable oils, or even worse soy, a known endocrine disrupter. We are amazing beings with remarkable regenerative powers. We can thrive.
Formula - Homemade Baby Formula - The Weston A. Price Foundation
🖨️ Print post To help you with any questions you may have about the recipes below, please refer to our: Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ on...
Good vs Bad.. or is there a middle way? Looking at the Gut Microbiome as a microcosom of the macrocosom
Microcosm... of the Macrocosm even... my spelling was a bit off there 😊
Weston A Price Foundation gives us great information
Real Fast Food- plus energetic rant on the industrial food complex from 2020... plus introduction to GAPS nutritional protocol to heal and seal leaky gut, culture and cultivate a diverse microbiome and survive and thrive in these troubled times... Food as Medicine.
FAST food - Stick it to the big machine - YouTube
Stick it to the big machine and deprive the industrial food system of your hard earned cash by making your own lunch: super quick chicken soup -...
this is a precious resource and an excellent tool for your healing tool box x
How's everyone feeling today?
I'm aiming for courage
as a minimum
how about you? x
I am a high vibrational energy field, feeling empowered and charged with positive energy!!! Infinite Love and Gratitude!!!!!
Some times we are told things that scare the bejeezus out of us and this can really hinder with healing. Alison was told that she would never get her cycle back after having no menstruation for 5 years!! boy, did she prove them wrong when her baby boy was born...but that was not the end of the story. Nutrient dense foods were a big part of her recovery.
Ex raw vegan "You will never get your cycle back" PCOS no period for 5 years... REALLY? - YouTube
OMG !the beautiful Alison from Ancestral_Kitchen shares her AMAZING journey.Find Alisons beautiful cookery here...