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A group for creating life joyfully and in harmony with self, others and nature.  As we gather, true peace will emerge.
Imagine a world where we are aware of our every choice, aware of the impacts of each choice and able to choose from a space of true freedom.  This is the harmony we each have the potential to embody. It's beautiful!
You are love. You are loved. You are loving.
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Recent Activities

In these times, we can rage, or we can rise, inviting others to come with us. In the midst of these energies, we may feel all kinds of things that aren't harmony.

When we know harmony is our true space of being, we know where we're headed, even if there is uncertainty or even in the totally unknown!

Asking questions while we're raging and rising, moves us towards the futures we most desire.

The new is created when we have no conclusions; no projections; no judgement...
I am so excited for what is being co created here Lisa. Thanks for offering a space where I can safely acknowledge my rage and find new ways to rise up in my relating. I feel more able to breathe now. Surprisng, new creative potentials are already arising in me, after only being in the energy of this and reading a few of your resources in Harmony Circles.
I wrote a blog post about the real energy of hope today... it's so much more powerful than we have been told!

You can read it here:
Rediscovering The True Magic of Hope
True hope goes far beyond wishing for something you can't have! In this post we explore the original energy of hope and how to activate it :)
Welcome! This is a space of peace, joy and harmony... where we discover how our everyday choices create our futures! Please introduce yourself and let us know what brought you here!