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Empower yourself with health sovereignty and self healing modalities, to help you find harmony balance and healing within yourself.


Realise the powerful being that you are.


You have magnificent gifts to share with New Earth, and I intend to help you on your journey of empowerment, healing & self discovery.

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Hi everybody! Lovely to connect with like-minded people! 💜
Original medicine. Not alternative ❤️
Following the cycles of Mother Earth are essential to health.

We all allow much busy-ness into our lives, and we must allow renewal.

In the northern hemisphere we are being called to rest and hibernate along with nature.

We are called to nourish our souls by going within. Into the darkness, and allow our inner wisdom to talk to us.

Wisdom from our ancestors, wisdom from our very cells, wisdom from the higher realms and wisdom from Mother Earth herself.

This is a loving gift of rest and r...  more
Hello! I am a hypnotherapist,Silent Counsellor and do Blocked Energy Release. Happy to be a part of this group.
Any talk of Chlorine dioxide solution or CDS is completely banned on YouTube. Google will tell you it's dangerous bleach! And if you understand censorship, you will know that they are trying to hide this powerful substance, because it will likely put 'Big Pharma' out of business.

It's a detox powerful enough to eradicate spike proteins and deactivate graphene oxide.

Please learn more about it here ❤️
CDS - True Self Healing? - Hidden Healing Remedies CDS
A look at CDS and MMS, are they the miracle cure? Jim Humble and Andreas Kalcker have a forbidden remedy so the body can cure itself from all...