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For awake people in the Norfolk area to meet good people, post useful information, share their thoughts and experiences and find out about events involving us all standing up for our rights around Norfolk.

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Good morning all, hope you all have a wonderful day and dont hide them smiles! <3
Redemption Song feat. Stephen Marley | Playing For Change | Song Around The World - YouTube
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Afternoon in a lovely Norfolk, I hear people are heading to parliament for around 4 today...... Wonder what will go down. Is anyone here heading there.
Good morning all amazing people, we are now on telegram too.
Telegram: Contact @ProChoiceNorwich
You can view and join @ProChoiceNorwich right away.
Hot Yoga in NW Norfolk (West Dereham PE33 9RH) any of you? I have just decked my beautiful log cabin out for hot yoga, (and it is super toasty🤩 ) I am an experienced yoga teacher, and been teaching hot yoga for many years, if any of you fancy coming along from January (either Sunday or Wednesday evenings) please pop me a message and I can work out some days and times amongst any of you keen to come! the heat is great to help us delve deeper into asanas, as well as a fab detox for both mind & bod...  more
Good morning in a ....chilly.... Norfolk. Enjoy your day and try keep warm. But still enjoy the outdoors if you can. Much love sent to all.