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A place to connect with other freedom seeking individuals and groups in Cornwall UK.

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Tell us a little bit about yourselves especially if you have any skills, tools or resourses that may help the members of this group.
I am a graphic artst speciallising in vector graphics. I run a sign making and t-shirt printing company. We also print coffee mugs.
I have lots of tools for general diy and car mechanics including welding equipment etc.
I am into Land Rovers and sailing and music. I play bass, ukulele and sax.
One thing I really want to learn in the near future is more about co...  more
I was a caregiver for 10 years, so glad to be away from the health care industry. Now I help my husband run a construction business. We specialize in the sell and installation of sunrooms, but we can build almost anything. I love gardening, caring for my husband, and my shitzu, Ginger.
Had a good Stand In The Park this morning in Truro.
Met many interesting and free thinking people.
Many projects in the pipeline
Live Long and Proper Mug -
The Cornish are and ancient and peace loving race from the far SW and this is one of their greetings
Does anyone go tho their local Stand in the Park?
It might be a good place for initial face to face meet ups and recruting ne mwmbers of this tribe.
I will be going to the Truro stand in the park tomorrow if anyone is intersted in joining me.
All members of Cornwall Freedom Tribe, please invite anyone you know in Cornwall who is aware of what is going on in the world at the moment.
We need to build ties all across the county. A mutual support group to help each other in the future.
It would be good to start building lists of skills, tools and awakened businesses so we can start supporting our local economy and make sure nobody gets left behind.
We need to start to organise into local groups. Then liaise with the groups around us ever outward until we cover the whole nation and beyond. Build support networks and help the down trodden. Show the scared that we have their backs and give them the courage to start fighting back. If a shop refuses entry to one, a thousand of us should come to their aid. If a small business is struggling because they will not succumb to the lies, then we make it our business to support them and steer trade tow...  more
Hi All
I am based in the Truro/Falmouth area. I am a small business owner and I care for an elderly relative who has Alzheimer's.
I am very interested in finding ways to live that do not involve the state.
Things like off grid living, fishing, hunting, barter, permaculture, sharing knowledge, tools and skills, crypto currencies, computer security/privacy, making and repairing things, helping anyone who needs help and forming mutual support groups.
Please introduce yourselves as and when you ...  more