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Good Day. My FULL Legal Name is Bradley Ulyn Charles Weston ©. i respond to Brad, or Brad Weston and i have a Fifty Million Dollar idea that will restructure our whole Society in a way that Positively Benefits HuManity as a collective.
i have shared the vision with an incredible group of like minded WoMen and Men who are all willing to bring this idea to fruition.
We are raising $50,000,000 CAD to make this vision a reality by asking 10 Million People worldwide to donate $5 each towards our purpose.

Our mission will alter the course of our current collective path into one of positive cooperation and co-creation. We call this, The Co-Heart Community Project.
The True objective of The Co-Heart Community Project will bring Peace, Harmony and Abundant Health back to the Earth, to the Animals and to the Women, Children and Men of the Land. This will be achieved by creating cooperative Communities that Thrive in Harmony Together.
This endeavor will be accomplished by offering everyone within certain Geographical areas the opportunity to collectively contribute as equals to their OWN Co-Heart Community. We will provide one another with the basic needs we all require to Live Happy, Healthy, and simple Lives while Living in Thriving, Abundant conditions.
We Live in Lumby and the immediate surrounding areas of in the Province of British Columbia, Canada and we see the immense potential hidden within our Community to get this project started. Lumby will be the Heart Beat of The Co-Heart Community Project. A perfect example for other Communities to follow suit and start caring for and Living in harmony with the Land.
The Co-Heart Community is a collective project for all of HuManity and we will have complete open transparency throughout our process.

We will show you where every dollar is spent and display exactly how the project is going right from the very start.
Imagine a Community where you can have everything you need to Live a Healthy, Abundant Life, provided to you for contributing only 10 to 100 Hours each year with little to no financial costs.

This is exactly what we are going to do. It's the exact Community we are going to CREATE.
Here is how:

The Co-Heart Community Project Lumby, British Columbia

We have established an Community Ethics Council and a Community Trust Council forming governing Bodies consisting of 6 WoMen and 6 Men per Council. 

The Community Ethics Council 

The 12 governing Bodies who form the Community Ethics Council are responsible in ensuring all Agreements within the Co-Heart Community are Ethical, Lawful & Just. We have the responsibility of Guiding the Co-Heart Community with the rule of "Do No Harm".
The Co-Heart Trust Council

The 12 WoMen and Men who form the Co-Heart Trust Council are responsible for raising the Funds to start the Co-Heart Community and to oversee the proper distribution of funds as Agreed upon. All choices made must be unanimous, conscious decisions of the Council.
With the $50,000,000.oo raised will purchase all available Commercial Sites in Lumby as detailed and we will do the following with these sites:
60/62 Creighton Valley Rd - Creighton Valley Produce - The Farm - Purchase price: $5,000,000

Including $2,000,000 accounting for upgrades and converting to a more ecological approach with solar power, a year round greenhouse and micro-green nursery.
Creighton Valley Produce will be the central hub of Lumby. We will rename the Land, The Farm; the slogan: “A Community Growing Together.”
This Farm has 60 acres of prime local soil to grow on. We will purchase The Farm from the current owners with an Agreement in place that they will tend to farm operations for 2 years following our purchase. During this period they will help redesign The Farm for its new purpose.
The entire Farm will be converted into an organic ecosystem of any and everything possible which can be grown within our climate. During the first two years we will recondition the soil by rotating hemp crops while maintaining the existing grocery chain operations as we transition over.
The front field, which suits the title “Nature’s Share”, will be lined with a wide variety of trees twenty-five feet deep, including shrubs and wild flowers all left to grow freely. In the center of this first field will be a large pond with rolling knolls surrounded by wildflowers.
Bee Hives will follow the edge of the tree line partnered with berry bushes. The remaining sections of this first field will be filled with fruit and nut bearing trees. The field will remain open welcoming deer and other wildlife to share this space with us. Foot paths will flow through the area.

Red Border Field 1. Green Lines represent Trees. Yellow Lines represent Bee hives.
The middle field, which is sectioned off by a deer fence, will be nurtured with root vegetables, lettuces and more. Wild flowers, shrubs and trees will be part of this field's edge as well. A large gazebo for meals and gatherings will take center stage and an impressive year round greenhouse will be placed at the area nearest the barn.
The barn itself will be upgraded with pure solar power and a new building dedicated as a micro-green nursery will be built. The plan is to keep supplying large grocery chains with the current flow of produce consisting mainly of beets and potatoes. The income from this will be used to pay the Land maintenance and all operating costs. All profits will be placed into the Co-Heart Trust.
Following the initial two years redesigning The Farm it will be offered to a fresh local couple to operate. They will be provided with the main house on-site to Live in, a $30,000 per year personal income and what will become known as an Unlimited Kinnecta Card.
They will be asked to operate The Farm for a period of ten years. Following their 10 years a house of their choosing valued up to $500,000 will be bought by the Co-Heart Trust and gifted in their name. In addition, this couple will receive an Unlimited Lifetime Kinnecta Card, which we will discuss in detail.
After everything has been implemented on The Farm the population extending North to Mable Lake, East to Cherryville and West past Whitevale ending at Bluenose Rd will be invited to contribute on The Farm.
Geographical Area for Lumby’s Co-Heart Community. 111 km perimeter. 739 km's square.
Total Population in Area: 4,459
Every Woman, Child and Man within this Geographical Area will be invited to lend their hands on The Farm and contribute at their leisure. In exchange, depending on the yearly Hours contributed, each WoMan, Man and Child will be given a Kinnecta Card ranging from 10 to 100 Hours.
Based on Hours provided Contributors will have access to products and services offered by The Co-Heart Community with minimal to no financial cost. For the first annual 10 Hour contribution to The Farm individuals will be offered as much produce they require within that year.
Products and services available will increase by 5 Hour increments after the initial 10 Hour contribution. With 15 Hours contributed each year Contributors may enjoy a weekly meal at the Co-Heart Community's restaurant.
The Blue Ox Pub - 1643 Vernon St - The Green Rabbit: $1,400,000

We will purchase The Blue Ox Pub located at 1643 Vernon St for $1,400,000 with an additional $750,000 for Operator housing and renovations. The name will be changed to “The Green Rabbit” and all produce will come straight from The Farm.
The Green Rabbit will be presented to a single individual to operate. They will be given a $30,000 annual income and be provided with a house from the Co-Heart Community valued up to $500,000. The home will be placed in their name after 10 years of contribution and their Kinnecta Card will be upgraded to an Unlimited Lifetime Kinnecta Card.
This Community restaurant will serve healthy low cost meals. Anyone may dine here but those holding a 15 Hour or more Kinnecta Card will receive one weekly meal at no cost. The Land maintenance and other operating expenses will be paid from the revenue generated at The Green Rabbit all profits thereafter will go into the Co-Heart Trust.
The Snac Shac - 2133 Shuswap Ave: $1,500,000

The Snac Shac, located at 2133 Shuswap Ave, will be bought for $1,500,000. Up to $850,000 is to be used for renovations and expansion. A second floor with two apartments will be added. These apartments will house the new Operators of the Snac Shac.
The Operators will be given the $30,000 per year Co-Heart income along with an Unlimited Kinnecta Card. After 10 years they will both receive a house is their names, valued up to $500,000 with an Unlimited Lifetime Kinnecta Card.
At this Co-Heart location, all corporate junk foods, drinks, cigarettes and vape products currently stocked will be disposed of. Everything will be replaced with Healthy Snack alternatives sourced from Canada with priority given to British Columbia products.
After contributing 20 annual Hours on The Farm, Contributors may purchase products at cost. A smoothie and juice bar will be built into The Snac Shac.
All produce, vegetables and fruits for the smoothie/juice bar will be supplied from The Farm. Contributors can get one smoothie or juice per week at no cost.
Anyone not holding a 20 Hour or more Kinnecta Card will be charged 15% in markup and a small price for smoothies. Land maintenance and operating costs will be paid before all else and the remaining profits will go into the Co-Heart Trust.
Community Theater - Internet Lounge - Location to be determined : $1,000,000

We will build a small 40 seat local theatre which will include a hardwired computer / internet lounge. Access to the theater will be at 80 contribution Hours for Community Contributors.
The ideal site in mind would be located at the back of the Snac Shac. If it is not possible to build at the SNac Shac site a suitable location will be found.
Possible expense for an appropriate site: $500,000 plus building of theater and internet lounge: $500,000.
The Theater and Internet Lounge will have one Operator each. They will be given a Unlimited Kinnecta Card, a $30,000 annual income and a House will be placed in their name after 10 Years of Contribution valued up to $500,000.
The Internet Lounge will be built on the top floor to the theater. There will be a total of 30 internet booths. Internet connections will be hardwired and the building will be open to Contributors 24 Hours a Day. The lounge will be open to others not holding a Kinnecta Card for 6 Hours a Day from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. They will pay a small hourly fee.
The Theater will be a place to where we can create our own movies, perform Live plays and other forms of entertainment. Equipment and appropriate software for movie productions will be on hand. The Theater will only play locally created content produced by Contributors from the Community of Lumby.
Contributors with 80 Hours annual time on The Farm will have full access both facilities. They will have access to the Theater free to view movies or watch plays anytime they desire. In conjunction Contributors can be a part of the creative process and learn to create their own movies and plays through classes and workshops.
Anyone else not having 80 Hours on The Farm or a Kinnecta Card will pay a small fee to watch movies and plays. They will also pay for their creative classes if they wish to join as well.
The funds generated from Contributors content will go directly to that Creator. The Land maintenance and operating expenses for the Internet Lounge and Theater will be paid from The Co-Heart Trust.

The Rams Horn Hotel - 2004 Shuswap Ave - The Big Red Rooster: $1,500,000

Individuals having contributed 25 Farm Hours per year will have access to all products from the Big Red Rooster available to them at cost. The Rams Horn Hotel will be bought from it’s current owners for $1,500,000 plus another $1,500,000 dedicated to the redesigning of this site.
The Big Red Rooster will be the main center of the Communities relationship network. This site will be used as a grocery style Co-op with produce primarily supplied from The Farm. It will house a generous space where local crafters and Creators Living within a 100 km radius can come display and sell their crafts and creations. To take part they will be contributing 4 Hours of time per month towards the operation of the store.
Everything sold at The Big Red Rooster will be available to anyone not holding a 25 Hour Kinnecta Card for a mark up no greater than 15%. All individuals selling their local products will collectively contribute financially towards the Land maintenance and operation costs of the site. The money from their personal products goes directly to their self/business. 100% of The Farms produce sales coming from this site will go directly into The Co-Heart Trust.
All Vendors and Contributors of The Big Red Rooster will be handed an Unlimited Kinnecta Card. If they are able to contribute 4 hours per month consecutively for a 10 year period they will be provided with an Unlimited Lifetime Kinnecta Card.
Products and stock items we are not able to locally produce, grow or harvest will be sourced from Canada with priority given to British Columbia above all else. A particular limit from the U.S.A will be considered.
Everything available through The Big Red Rooster will be plant based, organic, no-spray, non GMO foods free from corn, canola, soy, wheat and free from sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives.
The building itself and all other buildings owned by The Co-Heart Community will be designed with simplicity. Natural light will be used as much as possible. Interior lighting will be minimal using basic incandescent filament bulbs only.
With the exception of a few particular sites all buildings will be run without WiFi or wireless internet connections, cable or satellite television, cameras or security systems. Each building will be connected with hardwired Land based internet and phone systems. Some places will ask Contributors and visitors to leave all electronics off and away from the sites entirely.
Set on the first floor of The Big Red Rooster there will be a beautiful area for the Children of Contributors to spend their time playing and learning while their Guardians connect through the Co-Heart Community.
The second floor will have 8 apartment rooms incorporated. These apartments will house maintenance People of the Co-Heart Community. Each will contribute on a rotating schedule of 4 Hours a Day, 2 Days per week.
A final third floor will have offices set up for certain Contributors including both, the Community Ethics Council and the Co-Heart Trust Council with space for an individual to operate The Big Red Rooster. There will be a large meeting room on this floor for the Co-Heart Community Councils to gather and meet.
Each will be provided with a house valued up to $750,000 x 5 = $3,750,00 which will be gifted to them in their name after 10 years of contribution, a $30,000 per year income during their 10 year Agreement and Unlimited Lifetime Kinnecta Cards.
Any Person Living in a Co-Heart Community home while they are contributing will be responsible for paying the Land maintenance, hydro and insurance before and after it is signed into their name.
Arbour Park Mall, 1879 Vernon St - Property Purchase: $800,000

Arbour Park Center: 1879 Vernon St. $800,000 purchase price, a $650,000 buy-out for The Dollar-Dollar Store, a $450,000 buy-out for the Pagoda Chinese Restaurant and a $75,000 buy-out for Yuki Sushi; with $125,000 for Lumby’s Community Thrift Store and $1,000,000 going towards renovations.
Arbour Park Center: $3,200,000.
This mall style complex will house a diverse group of Co-Heart Community Operators. We will buy-out the Dollar-Dollar Store, the Pagoda Chinese Food outlet and Yuki Sushi. Each business we buy-out will be renovated and replaced with a Co-Heart Counterpart.
With 30 annual Hours on The Farm Contributors will have access to the "Take it or Leave" it shop. A thrift style setting will be turned into an outlet where People can drop off anything they no longer need or want. Individuals with 30 Hours on The Farm can pick up anything they desire at no cost. People without a Kinnecta Card or less than 30 Hours will pay a small price for items.
Take it or Leave it will contribute 50% of the Land maintenance and operating costs of the site. The Operator of Take it or Leave it will receive $30,000 per year, a house valued up to $500,000 going into their name after 10 years combined with the Unlimited Lifetime Kinnecta Card.
The Community Clothes-Line. A re-cycle, up-cycle clothing store where anyone within 100 km's wishing to sell their own recycled clothing creations is welcomed. Operators will be given an Unlimited Kinnecta Card and have access to anything they’d like from Take it or Leave it as materials to create their products. Sales from their creations will go directly back to the Creators themselves. Collectively they will contribute 25% towards the Land maintenance and operating costs of the site.
A Contributor with a 35 Hour or more Kinnecta Card will receive 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, a jacket and hat of their choosing each year at no cost from The Community Clothes-Line.
The Dollar-Dollar Store will be moved over to 1954 Vernon St. The products will be reduced to essential items only. Items such as toilet paper and stationery products.

Fields - I.D.A, 1954 Vernon St - Bare Essentials - Bare Nature: $700,000

$200,000 will be used for renovations at this site. I.D.A’s Pharmacies next door will be removed and is to be replaced with a Natural Herbal Apothecary Store to be called "Bare Nature". All kinds of wonderful tinctures, ointments and the likes will be supplied by local Health minded Creators.
One Operator will be asked to operate the Dollar Store, new name: "Bare Essentials". In exchange they will receive $30,000 a year income, a house valued up to $500,000 and an Unlimited Kinnecta Card. Revenue from here will be used to pay 75% of the Land maintenance and operating costs. The remainder will go into to the Co-Heart Trust.
All local Creators within a 100 km radius wanting to contribute to the Apothecary will be given an Unlimited Kinnecta Card. They will have access to anything available through the Co-Heart Community at cost which they require to help create their products. All money from their sales will go in their own account. Each will contribute 4 Hours per month to the storefront. Together they will contribute 25% towards the Land maintenance and operating costs of the site.
Contributors with 40 Hours at The Farm will have access to any and everything at Bare Essentials (Dollar Store) at cost. Anyone not holding a Kinnecta Card or those with less Hours will pay a small markup of 15%.
At 45 Hours Contributors can go to the Apothecary and buy items at cost. The Creators of this space will markup their price no more than 15% of what they personally want for their Creations.
Wellness Hut - Village Art Gallery: Arbor Park Center
The Wellness Hut, which is going to be at Arbor Park Center, will be a gem in this particular building. Massage, Reiki, Float Tanks and a Herbal Garden will fill the space just as it is Destined for. A number of massage and reiki specialists will be welcomed to practice here. They will be provided with an Unlimited Kinnecta Card and a house valued up to $300,000 x 4 = $1,200,000.
All revenue from The Wellness Hut will go directly to the Operators. Collectively they will contribute 25% towards the Land maintenance and operating costs of the site.
Contributors of The Farm with a 50 Hour Kinnecta Card will be welcome to one monthly 1 hour massage, one monthly reiki, a tarot reading and two 1 hour float tank sessions.
An Art Studio and Gallery will take the place where the Dollar Store once was. Artists of all sorts within a 100 km radius are invited to display their Creations and place them for sale. Each will contribute 4 hours per month at the Gallery and receive an Unlimited Kinnecta Card. 100% of their sales will go directly to the Artists.
Art classes will be made available and Contributors having 55 Hours at The Farm will get 2 hours of art instruction a month for no cost.
Sisters Restaurant - 1920 Vernon St - The Eden Den: $299,000

The building itself will be redesigned into a Yoga and Dance studio at a cost of $250,000. The space will be used for Yoga, Mediation and Dance. A local couple will be given the opportunity to be the Operators here.
The Operators will receive an Unlimited Kinnecta Card and a house valued up to $500,000. Any income they generate will be their income and they will cover the Land and maintenance costs for the site.
It would be fitting to title this studio Eden’s Den. Contributors of The Farm with 60 Hours or more can utilize the studio whenever they desire.
Vacant Land - 1882 Vernon St - Music in The Park: $200,000

Lumby puts on an annual event known as “Music in the Park”. Local bands and singers get together and perform Live music for the Community. We will purchase this Land and turn it into a place dedicated for this event. A covered stage will be built along the tree line with a seating area created and set on a small hill near the roadway. An expense of $50,000 will be used creating the site.
There will be no cost or expense required of anyone. Musicians will be invited to play at this location anytime they desire. Members and visitors of Lumby can enjoy playing and listening here whenever they wish. The Co-Heart Trust will cover the Land maintenance and operating costs.
Tutor Tech - 1969 Vernon St - Platinum Tattoo - Jam Studio: $250,000

This building is currently occupied by The Monashee Arts Council and Tutor Tech. The Monashee Arts Council will be invited to take part in the new Art Gallery located at Arbor Park Center. A local tattoo artist will be given the space at the Art Councils previous spot. Tutor Tech will remain where they are and the building itself will be converted into a two story building.
The second floor will be turned into a Music Studio and local, “radio station”. An Operator will be invited to look after the Studio. Music lessons will be taught and local music will be provided to local Community Member through an online streaming radio station dedicated to playing locally produced music.
Renovations: $250,000.
Both the Tattoo Artist and Music Operator will be provided with an Unlimited Kinnecta Card and a house of their choosing valued up to $500,000 x 2 = $1,000,000.
Contributors with 65 Hours will get 4 Hours of music lessons, recording or radio time each month. 70 Hours of contribution gets a Contributor 8 Hours of tattoo work each year.
1633 Vernon St - The Wood Shop : $327,000

This building will be used as Community wood working shop. $100,000 will be used to upgrade the site. One individual will be invited to operate the site. In return they will be given an Unlimited Kinnecta Card and a house valued up to $500,000. They will cover the Land maintenance. All profits thereafter will be theirs outright.
Contributors with 75 Farm Hours will receive 20 Hours of wood working lessons each year.

Antlers Cold Beer and Wine - 2031 Vernon St - Hogies : $1,200,000

We will purchase the local Cold Beer and Wine Store, offer it to an individual to operate and; with $200,000 for renovations, we will convert the place into a small bar rightfully named : Hogies.
Hogies will be open from 5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m, 4 Days a week. Closed Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Seating will be limited to 14 seats and a limit of 2 Drinks per Day per Customer / Contributor will be permitted. All drinks will be handcrafted by the bartender/Operator.
Contributors with 85 Hours on The Farm will receive their drinks for free. Any other individual will pay a small price for their drinks.
The Operator will be responsible for the Land maintenance and operating costs of the site. All revenue generated from the bar will be their income. They will be handed an Unlimited Kinnecta Card. A house valued up towards $500,000 will be provided to them to Live in and placed in their name after 10 years of being an Operator.
Keep in mind, the purpose of this Project is to setup a not for profit Community, a maintenance style venture where we maintain the sites we have while everyone involved receives everything they need to Live a Healthy, Happy and Thriving Life.

Law Office - 2001 Miller St -  Bike and Sports Shop: $270,000

Lumby just created a bike park by the Salmon Trail. We have a Man in town who does bike repairs, buys and sells bikes and he could use a place of his own to operate out of.

A law office building is available for purchase the asking price: $270,000. Having a sports store is a perfect addition to The Co-Heart Community. We will further promote Health and Well-Being.

The Operator will be offered similar opportunities as others operating their business in a Co-Heart building. An Unlimited Kinnecta Card, a home to live in up valued up to $500,000 and a building to operate out of free from rent, mortgages and debts. He will be asked to contribute towards the Land maintenance costs.

Renovations for this site :  $150,000.

Empty Lot - 2053  Vernon St - The Local Wash : $265,000  

This now vacant lot is all that remains of the long standing Naps Laundromat which burned down in February of 2012. The Co-Heart Community will purchase the site and rebuild the Laundromat to it's former glory and provide the Community with this much needed service once again. 
$750,000 with be used to construct a 2 Story building with the Laundromat located downstairs and an apartment on the upper level for the Operator. 
Income generated from this site will go directly to the he Operator and they will be responsible for all upkeep and Land maintenance. The Operator will receive an UnLimited Kinnecta Card and a House valued up to $350,000 will be placed in their name after 10 years of contribution. 
Whitevale Elementary School - 423 Whitevale Road - Co-Heart Learning & Education Center : $2,500,000

Nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Whitevale and resting on the outskirts of Lumby this School is a highlight of our vision.  Whitevale Elementary closed in 2006 and has been sitting in a defunct state ever since. The Province of British Columbia is prepared to relinquish the site and we will purchase the building site for $2,500,000 with an additional $600,000 allocated for renovations and upgrades. 

We will focus on moving back to the basics and providing a learning and education environment that caters to a more natural setting free from wireless technology, computers and screens. The administers and teachers will concentrate their efforts on teaching Children about proper nutrition, growing, storing and preparing food, caring for themselves, those around them and the Land we all Live upon. Teachers will place their efforts on the best interests of the Children and focus on the Students Strengths and Personal Interests.  '

Guardians with Children Ages 4 - 12 who have Contributed 100 Hours on The Farm will be able to send the kids to the Co-Heart Learning & Education Center 2 Days per week. 

A perfect fit for The Co-Heart Community.

Howard George Weston’s Property - 1666 Trinity Valley Rd - Retreat and Sweat: $1
Blue Line = creek - Red for footpath - Yellow X’s indicate Cabins and the large white area will be the sweat lodge location.
Currently this site is owned by my Stepmother and my Father's Estate. My Step Mother and i would like the Co-Heart Community to have this site for $1 and turn this piece of Land into a healing retreat.
We will build 6 cabins all set in a semi circle around the field for $300,000 and fix the roof and plumbing inside the main house for $150,000. A foot bridge will be built crossing the creek and a sweat lodge will be constructed on the other side.
The site is to be offered to a couple or individual to operate. They will Live in the main house, be provided with an Unlimited Kinnecta Card and a house valued up to $500,000 of their choosing will be bought and placed in their name after 10 years.
Contributors with 90 Hours on The Farm will be invited to take part in 2 sweats and use the cabins 2 days and 2 nights each month.
The Operator will generate a personal income from the retreat by inviting others not holding a Kinnecta Card to join in sweats and/or retreats for a price they determine. The Operators will cover the Land maintenance and operating costs of the site.
Empty Property - 1788 Vernon - The Blue Star - Silent Hall : $299,000

This site located on the outskirts of the towns edge will become "The Blue Star". A Silent Hall where Contributors can come and silently Meditate any Hour of the Day, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week.
$250,000 will be spent building the Hall. The first floor will have a Service counter which will be open 4 hours a Day, 3 Days a week and 4 small “speaking rooms”. Contributors may gather together in these rooms to discuss their intentions for a group meditation before heading into the hall.
Closed doors will lead to a hallway bringing you to a stairwell. Once Contributors enter this area they are to remain silent at all times. A dedicated area to remove their footwear with changing rooms will be located at the bottom of the stairwell.
All natural lighting will encompass the entire building. Candles will light the way up the stairs and into the Silent Hall. Real hardwood flooring will flow throughout. Floor to ceiling windows at the eastern edge will give a great view to Sunrises coming over Camels Hump east of Lumby.
The Blue Star will only be accessible to Contributors having 100 annual contribution Hours on The Farm. They will be handed an Unlimited Kinnecta Card bearing a Blue Star on the top right corner.
The Salmon Trail

Lumby has a wonderful Salmon Trail flowing through the Community. We can bike and walk the wide open trail winding through trees as it follows Bessette Creek.
The Creek runs from The Farm and connects to the Salmon Trail in town which is marked by the redline. We will extend the Salmon Trail from town to The Farm property. The Co-Heart Trust will fund the project which will link The Farm with a direct line to the village.
The Sovereign - Common Law Court of the Land
58949787_1641863799450690_r.pngThe WoMen and Men who have gathered together to make this vision a reality established The Sovereign - Common Law Court of the Land on November 13th, 2021. The Court has Heard two Claims and held two successful Hearings for those Claims, respectfully Known as SCLC Case No. 2021-SD22-001 and SCLC Case No. 2021-VJH-002.
The role of the Sovereign - Common Law Court is to Guide the Co-Heart Community through a Lawful resolve for any AFFIRMED WoMan or Man of the Land who may have placed a Claim upon the other.
The Court also has the responsibly of holding Public Servants, those working in government positions, accountable for their Legal actions.

Our Community Contributors are fulfilling the roles of Public Services Auditors and recording the Legal actions of government employees and Educating them with Just Laws then sharing any unjust or unLawful actions with the General Public of whom the government "employees" are supposed to SERVE. 
2109 Shuswap Ave - The Sovereign Common Law Court of the Land : $1,500,000
This site will be purchased for $1,500, 000 with $800,000 allocated for renovations. The site will be setup for the Sovereign - Common Law Court and will be free for any AFFIRMED WoMan or Man of the Land to access and use the Services provided by the Court.

Seniors and those with severe disabilities : 

WoMen and Men Age 75 up including those of any Age with severe disabilities who Live within the Co-Heart Communities Geographical Area will receive an UnLimited Kinnecta Card. 

We will use the existing buildings and sites as indicated to initiate this vision. Having initial sites paid off with no mortgages or debts owing enables The Co-Heart Community to operate on a care and maintenance style program. We will be able to maintain our Lifestyles within our Communities without the need for any unnecessary growth or expansion.
All properties will be basic and simple in design. Built and maintained with natural materials the Co-Heart sites will be free from Wi-Fi, wireless Internet, Television, Cable or Security Systems. The few sites with internet, television and phones of will be set up with hardwired connections.
Solar Power will be the primary source of hydro for all Co-Heart sites therefore nearly eliminating hydro bills. Having minimal lighting and technological gadgets will further reduce the carbon footprint of our Community.
Eventually, without the need for expansion, money generated as a “profit” will be used to fund other Communities of like minded WoMen and Men wanting to join the Co-Heart Community. Achieved by applying the same Community setup based on the design of Contribution Hours. Through this we will overhaul Society and create the positive, Loving changes needed in the world today.
Set up on a tier style structure based on Hours of Contribution Community Members will have access to any and everything they need to Live a Happy, Healthy and Abundant, Thriving Life.
Contributing Hours on The Farm ranging from 10 - 100 Hours per year will give Contributors all their basic needs based off the tier style structure starting with food, then clothing with health opportunities designed for self healing followed by recreation desires such as entertainment and other activities.
Those Living within the designated Geographical Area will be invited to contribute Hours. They will receive what will become known as, The Kinnecta Card. The Kinnecta Card will be simple in design bearing the Contributors Name, the year and their Hours contributed.
This New Community Structure will create a situation where Contributors can still maintain a job in the general work place therefore bringing themselves an income. The money they personally bring in they will be able to use for housing, cars and maintenance of while everything else is provided to them through the Co-Heart Community in which they Live and contribute to.
People invited to participate as Operators will maintain certain Co-Heart sites. They will be required to contribute at their designated sites ranging from 4 Hours a Month to 4 Hours a Day 5 Days a week. They will be asked to Contribute for 10 years.
Operators running their own business through a Co-Heart site will be asked to contribute a percentage to the Land maintenance and operating costs. They will be free from paying rent, hydro or utility bills.
Operators receiving a $30,000 annual Co-Heart income will also be free from paying any rent, hydro or utility costs. The Land maintenance and operating costs at their sites will be paid for by the Co-Heart Trust.
Operators will be handed an Unlimited Kinnecta Card and provided with a house to Live in during their contributing years. After 10 years their Kinnecta Card will be converted into a Unlimited Lifetime Kinnecta Card and most will receive a house placed in their name.
In Conclusion:
2022 is the year like minded WoMan and Men come together to create a Lawful & Just Society for the Benefit of ALL.
If you Honesty want to see real Positive change in this world and would Love to see this idea come to fruition, Donate $5 and spread the vision, add our GoFundMe to your Facebook Page and Share the link directly with 10 of your Friends and Family Members. Let's make this vision happen together as a collective Whole. Let's All contribute to a world of True Love and Happiness.
$5 to Change it ALL. 

Happy New Year.

Love for ALL, Love Always,
i, a Man,
responding to the Name,
Brad Weston,
Soul Proprietor of the Legal Fiction :
Bradley Ulyn Charles Weston ©
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