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Intro by Steve Cook


I’m very pleased to forward this important message from the World Council  for Health.

It is simple and to the point but conveys succinctly the right strategy for our way forward as a global “community of communities” out of the globalists’ dysfunctional tyranny and corrupt mismanaged mess into a new, kinder nd brighter civilisation.

Barbarisms are enforced and held in place by psychotic persons and groups through subterfuge and treachery and force of arms.

Civilisations are created by human husbandry, by people working in community and growing them from the grass roots. They flower unless actively prevented from so doing.

So let’s get busy and grow ours. The sooner people come together, unite in brotherhood and work shoulder to shoulder creating a world closer to their goals and dreams, the sooner we’ll have our new civilisation . . and the stars.

This is our age of rebirth.

This is the game where we all win because all of us ultimately will inherit from it a cleaner, saner, kinder and happier world.

As for SOURCE, which the article below heralds, it’s coming soon and we await it with some excitement. We’ll info you as soon as it arrives.

Enjoy the article.

And please do tour the WCH website and give them your support in whatever way works best for you.

Remaining Calm and Finding a Better Way in a Volatile World


by World Council for Health

August 24, 2022


The State of the Nations


The world is witnessing an unprecedented shakeup in governments as leaders fall like dominoes across the globe; nations are seeing premiers removed from their positions, via resignations, coups, or assassinations. No doubt more volatility will follow.

These are uncertain times, but they are exciting times, too. As governments collapse and the widespread corruption by corporate influence is exposed, people are taking direct action, with positive change becoming the new epidemic. Farmers in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, and now Spain, are uniting in solidarity to stop the enforced globalist climate change policies that threaten to destroy their livelihoods, and financially benefit the few at the expense of many.

The people are protesting widespread poverty in Argentina, Italians are marching on parliament to demand their inalienable rights with similar global marches in solidarity from London to Sydney, whilst truckers in Canada launched a freedom convoy covering thousands of miles. Albanians continue to demonstrate against their government policies, fuel, and living costs. What began as a teacher’s strike to protest the cost of gas in Panama, quickly became the largest civil unrest in the country since 1989. From truckers to taxi drivers, people all over the world are taking a stand; when the people are not afraid, they can no longer be manipulated.

Finding a Better Way


How do we weather the storm of current volatility and co-create a positive future for generations to come?


The World Council for Health suggests a cautious approach to newly-elected officials and governments worldwide who may be harbouring links to the World Economic Forum’s nefarious one world government agenda. Instead, let’s take this opportunity to build local resilience, to reconnect at a local community level, and work together to build networks and to share skills using community preparedness resources such as Source. Now is the moment to mindfully step outside the system and create positive lasting change.

Volatility on the world stage can make us feel anxious, so we invite people to stay in peace and nourish their emotional wellbeing with mindfulness tools such as deep breathing and meditation—check out the World Council for Health Mind Health Connection Room for more resources and information on mind and body health.

What is Source?


Source is a free information portal, designed to empower whole communities. Initiated by the team at the World Council for Health and inspired by the findings of the Better Way Conference, this resource has been created with change-makers in mind—those actively seeking a Better Way.

Source is a grass-roots initiative set up to support communities with a wealth of resources to help bring forward their own vision of the future, be that in healthcare provision, decentralised finance, personal sovereignty, emergency prepping, media, or campaigning. Source will be launching soon.


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