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This weekend during WOW festival at the Southbank centre in London.
If you know some health professionals in the UK, please, please spread the word and asked them to sign! Over 500 doctors, nurses and therapists have now signed this letter. The excess deaths in teens since the rollout is 2 children a week (mostly boys). This is really scary. Children don't die at this rate, so 2 a week is statistically very significant. They are killing our children now.
Campaign | Children's Union
Please help us contact GPs and healthcare professionals to co-sign our letter A group of UK doctors and healthcare professionals have come...
LOL apparently Elon Musk owns the domain and has forwarded it appropriately to Trudeau’s Wikipedia page 🤣🤣🤣
Lantern Space
London, UK
Lantern Space is a creative concept store, offering a curated selection of home decor, contemporary fine art and prints and personalised lifestyle accessories. All our products are carefully select...