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I've spent a good part of the last 2 weeks putting this together. Feel free to share with anyone who hasn't clued in. Better yet, share with your respective health authorities.
Awesome effort, thank you, it is needed. Great resource, very sorry for those who suffered.
Absolute gold with a couple of corrections. The 1 glaring 1 is Acquitas is not a public co..
I thought I'd finally weigh in on the Neil Young v Rogan debate. I wrote this as a reply to another post but I'll get more traction on my page.. Plus I have a couple of things to add..

Who cares? So a millionaire has his panties all up in a knot over another millionaire's ability to ask tough questions that the lame street media is too chicken shit to ask.

Instead of people picking "sides".. Why not listen to Joe's interviews with the 2 medical/scientific experts who are actually qualified t...  more
The motherload of "breathing barrier" studies/commentaries/opinions/etc regarding the negative health effects and much more.. Ugggh.. I really need a teleport to go hang on a beach in Cabo for a while..
I've been trying to figure out how to get on a shuttle for mars.... I never want to come back to this planet....
Here's my complete analysis of the actual ingredients and chemical compounds with their corresponding MSDS sheets with updates.
What's in the mRNA bio weapons? - by Owen Owen Owen
A critical evaluation of the ingredients based on the MSDS sheets.
Critical Thinkers of the World Unite
I had this group on Flakebook shortly after Convid started in hopes that I could share research, ideas, etc with a small group of friends. It's grown to 1,600+ members which is not bad for 0...
Just updated my Pfizer 95% efficacy bs on my first Substack thingy (sorry, I really don't know how to label Substack)