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Hello everyone . We are so thrilled to be shifting everything to a new name , a new breath of fresh air and a better vision .

Stay tuned as ThrivEvolution is not longer . But we are rebuilding with epic changes, new leadership and looking forward to redesigning this app as well as our business model .

I love animals , especially horses . I am honored and blessed to work this summer with these magnificent draft horses in my birth city . Got to take things as they are , and work to make them better . Plans change, but the higher powers will not give you more than you can handle .
I was a competitive dressage rider before finding boys and having kids. I hope you have a wonderful time. Horses are the best
Hanging out with our TruthTribe leader Amanda N. C. Jones-Archer (Optimystic Prime) and her girgeous kids !!

hsve you seen her TikTok .. OptimysticPrime2.0
— with Karita
Website Design
Store: Alessio Cenizzi
Price: $299.00
this is my product
Why do we do what we do?
Well to speak for myself, for totally selfish reasons
Because when I help others, I feel good
If you're following me you know there are MAJOR concerns around the food supply. We are seeing the early signs but all the experts KNOW it is going to get MUCH, MUCH MORE CHALLENGING.
Tomorrow on ThrivEvolution ThriveCast I have the amazing opportunity to interview Dr. Richard Lackey, Founder and Chairman of the World Food Bank.
We spent an hour on a zoom with him last Friday. You seriously want to hear what he has to say...  more