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β€”  Feeling ecstatic
Golden Ticket
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The Golden Ticket a unique way to be the first put your hands the Meta Degen Society collection by Shillit App.

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Sometimes we are in a moment of emotion , and we cannot focus on the next step towards the end result , that is when we need to reach out for help .

There is no shame in asking for #help, to be heard , to be seen , we all have moments of pain that need to be healed.

So make sure this season you reach out to the ones you think are the strongest , because they too have struggles, give compassion and love to the ones that don't ask, because they might be breaking inside , and NEVER judge a book...  more
β€” with Alessio Cenizzi and 17 others.

Supporting our truckers in Canada by being a part of the story so proud of Travis Michael | MediaTribe for getting the story !!! β€” with Alessio Cenizzi and 20 others.
I feel more confident and encouraged, knowing how many Canadian's are actually standing up for our country, our way of life, freedom. Travis so looking forward to sharing this time through the lens you supply.
Get your golden ticket , participate in the give away.
**Love and Light to all**
Love n light to all
Thank you all for helping me in my Reawakening.
Best birthday gift ever.