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I think we are all trying to find mental, emotional, physical and spiritual peace. I came across this song and refound dancing in the dark.
The shape of the Earth
A few people opened dialogue on the truth tribe Facebook messenger group about the shape of the Earth.    I am creating this topic for discussion for those feeling the need to share what their...
Quotes and the journey with our logo and Wandering Footprint
Duetted on tik tok with thee_ascension_project
tiny hOMe app directory Autonomy Sovereignty and Choice Support Local. GROW Global. RISE TOGETHER.
F. R. I. N. G. E Free Republic of Individuals Not Globalist Elite
Come join my live on tik tok 6:30 pm Wednesday March 9, 2022
tiny hOMe app directory

Autonomy. Sovereignty. Choice.
support local. GROW Global. RISE TOGETHER for the download
22022022 - let us rise together 🙏❤️
I vote our next flag is green with a baby maple tree ❤️🙏