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What IS love? (your definition)
Love @ First Sight?
Have you ever been in love?
Do you believe in love?
Are there different types of love?
Is there a difference btwn love & lust? Lets have some interactive FUN & Raise some Love Vibes at the same time.

I'd love to invite you all to an interactive Zoom Where we all explore the topic of Love by sharing and listening and opening up to new perspectives, Coz hey thats loving, true?

Drop your name below in the comments if you feel called to join...  more
— with Madalena Dragon and 3 others.
For me, LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe, and that force lies within each one of us, in our hearts. May the FORCE be with you!❤️❤️❤️
Sometimes we are in a moment of emotion , and we cannot focus on the next step towards the end result , that is when we need to reach out for help .

There is no shame in asking for #help, to be heard , to be seen , we all have moments of pain that need to be healed.

So make sure this season you reach out to the ones you think are the strongest , because they too have struggles, give compassion and love to the ones that don't ask, because they might be breaking inside , and NEVER judge a book...  more
— with Alessio Cenizzi and 17 others.
Love has called a meeting. Hand-written notes were sent:

You rip me to shreds and tear me open. All I can do when you’re around is try to remain alive. Please, come sit at the sacred circle. Your attendance is so dear. You remind me to breath.

Dear Grief,
You humble me. Please, bring the gut-wrenching pain that tackles me to the floor with waves so huge, all one can do is go limp with surrender and be taken by your force. Your particular and tender reality of loss inspires an odd completenes...  more
— with Madalena Dragon and 4 others.
Just finished a Date with Destiny with Tony Robbins with 6 luminary Tribe leaders. POWERFUL transformations !
— with Jai and 5 others.
That was unbelievable! And I have just made the Breakthrough challenge connected to all of you!!!!
And to think this is just the beginning… 😌😉
Looking forward to a few years from now looking back to these moments.