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If you don't think breathing is important, stop doing it 😉
Jodi Parker   commented on Tigs photo
on April 22 2022 at 08:22 PM public
So Exciting!!!
The clock is ticking…
Great Reset or Great Awakening?? 🤔

You know where I stand. But I can’t do it alone which is why my colleagues and I are bringing the Changemakers, the Solutionaries, the Evolutionaries together.
Tuesday that includes John Bush, Organizer of the Exit and Build Summit, joining us live on ThrivEvolution ThriveCast. You can be on the zoom or watch here on FB. I’ll put that info in the first comment.

We’ll be talking the practical side of exiting the “matrix” and building...  more
We are on zoom at 10am pacific/1 pm Eastern www.ThrivEvolution.Live password THRIVE or watch the Live Feed on our podcast page ThrivEvolution ThriveCast
Jodi Parker   commented on Irina Savchenko photo
on April 08 2022 at 11:57 PM public
Loving this shirt!!
While we are arguing about pronouns and sexual orientation and Hollywood ACTORS acting, do you know what's going on in the rest of the world?
Most people don't because the news cycle is purposefully built to distract us from the real issues.

🔥Things like incoming collapse of the Dollar. With nothing backing it and more than 80% of the money being printed in the last 2 years, the world is decentralizing and the dollar is about to experience far worse inflation. And Putin just backed the Ruble w...  more
So happy our community call today is about thriving through this economic chaos--I AM MAKING ROOM FOR ABUNDANCE 😍
So how much is this actually worth now???
It's good for starting a fire at least 😂🔥😂


On tomorrow morning's ThrivEvolution call I am interviewing Robert Patyk, our Wealth Expert, and he's got my back and yours on what you can do now to thrive through the ups and downs we all know are coming.

Link is in the first comment. We start at 10 PACIFIC/1 EASTERN. And yes, it will be recorded 😁 If yo...  more